Don’t Have Time to Curl Your Hair? Try This AMAZING Blow Dryer Trick

by lindsayschallon

You know how Petra was just saying it’s about that time for dramatic makeovers? Well, I just got mine! But my to-die-for new red hue wasn’t the only thing I walked away with from the salon. My colorist Rick Wellman from Patrick Melville Pipino Salon—FYI, he also does Petra Nemcova’s hair. He’s amazing!—taught me this mind-blowing styling trick I just had to share with you guys.

Lindsey Wixson - How to Curl Your Hair

Ready for this? You can get gorgeous tousled curls like Lindsey Wixson here WITHOUT a curling iron! Um, right?

Here’s exactly what he did while blow-drying my hair.

First, he took two-inch sections of hair, and twisted them like so:

After blasting the twist with a shot of hot air, he switched the setting on the blow dryer to cool and went back over the entire thing. This cooling process, he said, is what helps lock in the wave/curl.

Once the twist was good and cool, he let the piece drop, and ta-da!

My normally flat, lifeless strands had, gasp, volume! (Can’t you tell I’m the happiest about this? Ha ha!) To be honest, I especially think this trick is a total lifesaver because I seriously hate waking up any earlier than needed to get ready. Basically, my world has been rocked.

Do you have any secrets for getting ready faster in the morning? Tell me about it below!

Photo: ImaxTree